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Will I see new chats from my institution before my colleagues see them?

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The short answer is yes!

When you staff AskAway in LibraryH3lp, you will select and staff the following queues:

  • askaway: this is the general AskAway queue
  • institutional queue (e.g. ac)
  • proactive queue (e.g. ac-proactive) 
    • You may see this queue if your library has set-up proactive chat)

Staffing your institutional queue allows you to see and claim patrons from your library before your AskAway colleagues see them. If you don't pick up the patron within 40 seconds, the call will drop into the general AskAway queue for everyone to see and for anyone to claim.

If no one from a patron's institution is currently staffing, their call will be directed to the general AskAway queue.

LibraryH3lp calls this set-up home-team first with a simple time-triggered rollover.


A reminder that the home-team first set-up means that you might not see all incoming calls and your colleagues might be busier than you think. Keep an eye on the Current chat status board (see the FAQ How can I see how many active chats my colleagues are currently in handling?) to see how busy your colleagues are and use Campfire to communicate and manage traffic. For example, if you see that your colleague has four chats on the go and you have none, you could offer in Campfire to take one. And vice versa!