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How can I handle technical issues on my shift?

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If you encounter a technical issue during your shift, here are some general tips that you can use:

  • Chat through technical problems. Let the student know there may be delays due to technical difficulties.
  • Use scripts. The Problem - Technical script may be helpful.
  • Know when to give up or refer.
    • If you or the student are becoming frustrated, don't try every possible solution to a technical problem. Try one or two troubleshooting options but then return to what does work: chatting or maybe sending links. If appropriate, send them a message such as "Looks like this isn't going to work tonight - I'm going to send you X instead." Or you may refer them to their library or encourage them to come back to AskAway at another time.
  • Always follow-up.
    • If they disappear, don't just end the session. Give them one or two troubleshooting tips or suggest a few resources. Don't spend too much time on abandoned sessions but always be sure to leave the student with something they can use.