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What are some tips for working with patrons who leave before their chat is picked up?


On your shift, you may sometimes see a new chat come in but the patron navigates away before the chat is claimed.

Even if a patron closes the chat on their end and goes offline, claim this chat and send a message to the patron that they'll see when they return. This creates a better user experience for the patron than if the chat is simply closed.

A new script (canned message) has been added that you can now quickly send to patrons in this situation:

  • "Sorry we missed you! If you need further assistance, please start a new chat and someone will be happy to help."

If after a few minutes, you don't hear from the patron, you could then close the chat.

Here's an example of what this might look like:

An example of what the chat looks like when the service provider sends a scripted message after the patron has gone offline.