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What concierge auto-response messages display to patrons when they're waiting?

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On AskAway, we aim to pick up patrons as quickly as possible but if the service is extremely busy, a patron may sometimes be left waiting a little longer for their chat to be picked up.

To provide better service to patrons who are waiting, AskAway has set-up what are called concierge auto-responses in LibraryH3lp. These messages are sent automatically to patrons after a certain amount of time has passed. The patron will see them, but they will not be visible to service providers.

Currently, the following messages are automatically sent to patrons while they are waiting for their chat to be claimed:

  • "Welcome to AskAway! We will be with you shortly..." (Initial greeting)
  • "Thank you for waiting. Someone should be with you soon." (50 seconds)
  • "AskAway is very busy at this time, but we will be with you as soon as we can." (80 seconds)
  • "Thank you for your patience. While you wait, can you please give us more details about your question?" (120 seconds)
  • "We regret this delay but will be with you very shortly." (190 seconds)

Example: Here's an example of what it will look like on the patron's end if they are waiting for over 190 seconds:

Image shows an AskAway chat box with a list of all of the concierge auto-response messages