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How do I customize sound and visual notifications?

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In LibraryH3lp, there are several options for customizing your sound and visual notifications.

To set sound and visual notifications, navigate to the Preferences area of the staffing webclient (look for the gear icon in the left-hand menu).

Sound notifications

New chat sound

This is the sound you'll hear when a new chat arrives.

It's strongly recommended that you select a sound that will grab your attention, as new calls should be picked up as quickly as possible.

Chat message sound

This is the sound that you'll hear when you receive a new message from a chat that you've already claimed.

You may wish to choose a sound notification that's different from the new chat sound, so that you can distinguish between the two. You may also wish to set this to "none." If you set this to "none," keep a close eye on your chats to see when a patron has responded so that you can read their message and reply promptly. When a patron responds, you should see a red circle beside their guest ID with the number of new messages they've sent. For an extra visual cue, you can also enable desktop notifications (see below).

In your LibraryH3lp Preferences, click the drop-down to select from a list of sounds.

Visual / desktop notifications

In addition to sound notifications, you can also set your preferences for visual notifications. If you turn on visual notifications, you can select to have them close after a set number of seconds (available in Chrome only).

Setting visual notifications will be especially helpful if you've turned off the chat message sound notification.

In your LibraryH3lp Preferences, scroll to the bottom of the page and configure your desktop notifications.