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How do I view my own transcripts?

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Viewing your transcripts can be a helpful tool for self-reflection and improving your practice. If you are reviewing your transcripts, you may find the self evaluation checklist helpful.

To view your transcripts in LibraryH3lp, follow these steps:

NOTE: Please do NOT delete any transcripts as this will affect session data for the service.

  • Login to LibraryH3lp
  • Navigate to the Chat History area in the far left navigation
  • To access the Advanced Search, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the search bar
  • This will open up the option to narrow your search
  • In the "operator*" field, enter your username (this is the username you use to login)
  • Click the blue search button
  • This will retrieve all sessions that you handled
  • You can also narrow results by date, tag(s), and/or queue
  • Click on the "view" button to bring up the full transcript

Image: An example transcript search