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What can I do if my computer crashes or I'm disconnected from LibraryH3lp?

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If you are disconnected from LibraryH3lp, the following are a series of steps you can follow to determine the scope of the issue and what to do next.

1) If you can log back in

If your computer crashes or for some other reason you're disconnected from LibraryH3lp, try reconnecting and/or logging back in. If you log back in successfully, keep the following in mind to resume staffing as smoothly as possible:

  • If the patron sends another message, they will be reconnected
    • In LibraryH3lp, your patron will have disappeared from your webclient but if they send another message, they should be reconnected to the service for you to pick up
      • If you pick them up, let them know that there was a technical delay on your end and thank them for their patience


  • If the patron is still connected, transfer them to yourself
    • Another option you have is to try and transfer them back to yourself in LibraryH3lp. Only do the following if no one else has picked them up:
      1. Navigate to the "Chat History and Activity" area in LibraryH3lp (left-hand side menu, one down from where you're chatting)
      2. Find the transcript where you were previously chatting with the student and open it up
      3. Click the "Transfer" button (see screenshot below)
        • Note: You will only be able to transfer them if they are still active and have not left the chat
      4. Transfer the chat to yourself
      5. Navigate back to the webclient chat area and begin chatting with the patron.
        • Let them know there was a technical delay on your end and thank them for their patience

2) If you cannot log in

If you attempt to log back into LibraryH3lp and are unsuccessful, please communicate in Campfire with your colleagues. This is how you will determine if the issue is local (for example, your internet may have briefly dropped) or if there is a wider network issue.

  • If your colleagues are experiencing the issue as well:
    • Please communicate the issue to the Admin Centre. If the Admin Centre is unavailable, you can also reach out to LibraryH3lp support at
    • In the event that LibraryH3lp is experiencing a wider network issue, remain active in Campfire to stay in touch with your colleagues until your shift is over.
    • Once it has been established that there is a wider issue, service providers should stay logged out of LibraryH3lp until the 'green light' to log back in has been communicated by the Admin Centre or LibraryH3lp Support. This ensures that the service will be stable before resuming and helps to minimize dropped calls. 


  • If you seem to be experiencing the issue individually:
    • Continue refreshing your browser, clearing your browser cache, restarting your computer, and logging out and back in again until your shift is over
    • If you're unable to logout properly before the end of your shift, contact the Admin Centre so we can log you out.