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What are policy pages and how can I access them?

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Each library that participates in AskAway has a policy page. Use policy pages to quickly find information about the services and resources that libraries offer.

Each policy page:

  • Follows the same format
  • Has information and direct links to quickly access useful resources on the library's website
  • Is there for you to use!

If you come across a broken URL, let us know or contact the local coordinator at that institution.

Access policy pages

In LibraryH3lp, there are two ways you can access a library's policy page (aka profiles):

  1. You can access the patron's library policy page directly from the chat session by clicking on the queue name or queue avatar in the top left of your chat. You'll see a link to the library's profile, which you can click on to bring you to the policy page.
  2. In the far left navigation menu in the webclient, click on the Profiles tool (document icon) to see a list of all library policy pages.

You can also find links to policy pages on the AskAway staff website.