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How can the patron clear their chat history?


With LibraryH3lp software, patrons can more seamlessly navigate away from chat, keep their chat history, and re-engage in a session.

For example, if a student is chatting and accidentally closes the browser window, they can return to the page where they were chatting and their chat history will still be visible. This chat history is stored locally in the patron's browser. If a patron is using a private or incognito browser, their cache might expire more quickly.

At any time during a session, a patron can clear their chat history by clicking the "Clear chat history" button in the top left corner of the chat box. They can also clear their browser's cache and reload the webpage to clear the chat history.

The Close - Goodbye script reminds patrons using public workstations to clear their chat history after they request a transcript (if desired).

See also AskAway's Privacy Notices.