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What are recent guests?

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With LibraryH3lp software, there is a less clearly defined end to a call. Patrons can more seamlessly navigate away from chat, keep their chat history, and re-engage in a session. When you're staffing AskAway, you may have noticed that patrons sometimes show as "Recent Guests" (rather than "Current Guests").

Current guests are patrons who you're currently chatting with.

Recent guests are patrons you've chatted with (since you last logged in) and whose session you've ended, but who are still online and have the page with the chat box open.

Here are some common scenarios with recent guests...

A patron is still online after you end the session

When you end your session with a patron, and if the patron is still online (with the page with the chat box open), they will appear under the "Recent Guests" list. There's nothing more you need to do (unless there's something you'd like to send them in the hopes they're still there!). You can consider these chats closed.

But see below for what happens when a recent guest returns...

A recent guest returns

If one of your recent guests returns and sends a message, and you're still logged in, they will be directly connected back to you only (i.e. other service providers will not see them). Your chat history will be displayed and you can pick up where you left off.

If you've logged out for the day and someone who was in your recent guest list returns, don't worry! They'll be connected to the queues for anyone to claim. Your chat history with this guest will not be displayed to other service providers.