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How do I hop out of the queues?

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When the service is closing for the day, many service providers like to do what's called "hopping out of the queues." This allows you to wrap-up any active calls while closing the service so new calls don't come in.

You can also hop out of the queues at the end of your shifts more generally (i.e. not the closing shift) to wrap-up any active calls without being distracted by new ones. When doing so, please make sure other service providers have arrived for the next shift so that the queues remain open.

Note: When you're hopping out of the queues, please do so on the hour (i.e. when your shift ends or when the service closes). We don't want to close the service early.

Follow these steps to hop out of the queues:

  1. In the top-right status drop-down in the webclient, set your status to "Busy"
    • When you set yourself to Busy, you won't receive any new calls but you can continue with and wrap-up active calls
  2. If everyone staffing AskAway sets their status to Busy, this will close the service
  3. When you've wrapped up all of your calls, don't forget to Logout!