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How do I send a script / canned message?

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There are two ways you can send patrons canned messages (aka scripts).

Type ahead

You can find and select scripts by using the type ahead feature. Simply start typing in the typing area and scripts that match your text will automatically pop-up. The type ahead will search for words anywhere in the script (not just the first characters).

You can use keyboard shortcuts to select and send a script from the list of type ahead suggestions:

  1. Press the Tab key and the first canned message in the list will be selected
  2. Use the arrow keys to move up and down the list
  3. Once you've selected your desired script, press the Enter key to insert it into the typing area
  4. Edit if needed before pressing Enter to send to the patron

Turn off the type ahead feature

If you find the autocomplete distracting, you can turn off this feature. To do so, navigate to Preferences in the left-hand menu (look for the gear icon), and deselect "Enable type-ahead for canned messages." If you turn this off, you can still access and send scripts using the steps below:

Manually select from list

If you prefer not to use the type-ahead option, you can manually insert scripts:

  1. Click the "Insert a canned message" button above the typing area (chat bubble icon)
  2. If you wish, narrow down the canned messages by pool (e.g. askaway service-wide canned message or your personal messages)
  3. Select a script from the drop-down list. You can also start typing in the drop-down list to search and filter through the list of scripts.
  4. Click "Insert" to insert the script into the typing area
  5. Edit if needed before pressing Enter to send