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How do I transfer a chat session?

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In LibraryH3lp, follow these steps to transfer a chat to another service provider:

  1. Before you transfer, ask the patron if they would like to be transferred (you may wish to use the Chat - Transfer script)
  2. Ask in Campfire to see if one of your colleagues can take a transfer
  3. When you're ready to transfer, click the transfer button in the toolbar above the typing area (the icon with two arrows)
  4. In the box that pops-up, select to transfer the chat to "users" and in the drop-down select the service provider you are transferring to and click "Ok"
  5. Back in the chat session, you will see a message that the chat is being transferred
    • Note: If you send a message to the patron while the transfer is in progress, you will re-claim the chat and the service provider on the other end will not be able to respond to the patron
  6. Wait until you see a message that the chat has been successfully transferred (e.g. answered by bceln-sadie-p) and the chat background greys out
  7. Once the transfer has been picked up by your colleague, you can close the chat on your end by clicking the "X" button in the top right

Note: You can add tags before transferring or when you close the transferred chat and these will be captured in the session data.

This short screencast (1min 30 sec / no audio) shows you how to transfer a chat to another service provider.

Known issue: Transfer is not going through

There's currently a bug when trying to transfer what's called a "proactive outbound chat" (note: this is not related to proactive chats):

  • This is a chat that you initiate with a patron by selecting them from your contacts list (usually under "recent guests" or "current guests"). Typically, you would do this if you accidentally closed a prior chat window and then re-opened the chat, or if you closed it and then found new information to send the patron later.
  • Due to a bug, transfers for this particular type of chat will not work. This issue has been reported to LibraryH3lp.


  • If you need to sign off of your shift, one option is to let the patron know you're experiencing a technical issue with transfers and ask them to come back with their question in a few minutes for a colleague to answer after you have signed off. The new service provider can access the prior chat history using the "today's chat with guest" link in the new chat window.