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How do I end a chat session?

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Before you end a chat session, make sure the patron has enough information to get started or that you've made an appropriate referral. Ask if they'd like any additional help with their original question or if they have any other questions before closing.

If the patron is not responding and you think they may have left the chat accidentally, you can keep the call open. If they return, they will be reconnected directly to you. But, if your shift is over and they haven't returned, make sure to end the session. If they return after you've logged out for the day, they'll be reconnected to the queues.

When you're ready to end the call, follow these steps:

  1. Send the patron the Close - Goodbye script
    • This will let them know they can request a transcript, fill out a survey, and clear the chat history
  2. Tag the chat session
    • ​Adding descriptive tags helps the service and institutions track what kind of questions patrons are asking when they visit us
    • At a minimum, apply at least one primary tag to each call
    • If you close the chat before adding tags, a reminder will pop-up asking if you'd like to add any tags
  3. Click the X (end chat) button in the top right of the chat session window to close the call
  4. If you add tags at this point, you'll need to click the X again to close the session

Note: If the patron happens to still be online with their chat box open, they will appear under your Recent Guests list. There's nothing you need to do with Recent Guests. Once the patron closes the chat window, they will vanish from this list. If they come back online with a question after you've logged out, they will be reconnected to the queues.