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How can I change my personal preferences?

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In LibraryH3lp, you have several options to customize how you work with patrons.

To manage your preferences, navigate to the Preferences area in the staffing webclient (gear icon in the left navigation menu).

Hover over the ? icon to the right of each preference to learn what it does.

You can adjust your preferences as you're staffing and they will take effect immediately. Most of these settings (other than Auto Busy) are a matter of personal preference and you're encouraged to play around and see what settings you find most comfortable on your shifts.

See below for more detail on preferences of note.

New chat sound

This is the sound that you'll hear when a new patron comes in.

You can choose any sound you like, but please choose a sound (rather than none) as audio is generally faster than visual notifications and will ensure patrons are picked up promptly.

Chat message sound

This is the sound you'll hear when one of your existing patrons sends a new message.

You may wish to choose a sound that is different from new chat sound, so you can differentiate between the two. Or, you may wish to set this to "none." If you turn off this sound, please keep an eye on visual notifications to see when a patron has sent you a new message.

See also How do I customize sound and visual notifications?

Enable type-ahead for canned messages

If you find the autocomplete feature for canned messages distracting, you can deselect this preference. If you turn this feature off, you can still access scripts by clicking on the canned messages icon above the typing area and choosing from a list.

Automatically arrange and size chat windows / Automatically expand new chats until I have...

This will control how many chats automatically expand and show a preview of the chat when they first come in.

See also "How can I work more efficiently with multiple patrons in LibraryH3lp?"

Automatically set me to 'Busy' after this many open chats

This has been set to 99 for all service providers, which means it's ineffectual.

Note: Please leave this at 99. If it's set to another number, please set it to a very high number (e.g. above 20). The reason it's set to such a high number is because if service providers are automatically set to Busy during their shifts, this puts a burden on other colleagues to pick up new calls. Additionally, if all service providers on a shift are set to Busy, this will close the service.


Please leave this as is.