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How do I create a personal canned message / script?

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Creating a personal script in LibraryH3lp is easy!

Follow these steps to create your own personal canned message:

1. In the LibraryH3lp staffing webclient, navigate to the Canned Messages area 

2. Click the button in the top right corner to add your own script

3. Enter your script content

  • Note: If you're adding any links, make sure to click the "Link" button to add it as a hyperlink. If you skip this step, the link will not be available to the patron as a hyperlink in the chat

‚ÄčScreenshot of canned message editor with arrow pointing to where you can add link 

4. Click and your new script is ready to use



Create a personal canned message with your first name in it, so that you can quickly send a personalized welcome message to claim a chat.

Example personal welcome script: "Hi this is Sadie. Welcome to AskAway. How can I help you?"

When a new call comes in, simply type your name to bring up the script using the type-ahead feature, send this script, and quickly claim the call.