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How do I claim a chat when it arrives?

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In LibraryH3lp, the first service provider who sends a message to the patron claims the chat.

If someone else claims the chat first, you will see a message telling you who claimed it and the chat preview will grey out. If someone else has claimed the chat before you, you can safely close it on your end.

Image: The chat on the left has been claimed by the service provider because they were the first person to send them a message. The chat on the right was picked up by another provider (in this example, askaway-admin). When a colleague has successfully claimed a chat you will see that the chat window is grey and a green system message appears saying "answered by [LibraryH3lp username]." You can safely close this chat to free up space in your webclient.


You can quickly send a message to a new patron by using the type-ahead canned messages feature to bring up and send the welcome script.

If you create a personal canned message with your first name in it, you can quickly send a canned message by typing in your name and bringing up your personal welcome script and sending it to the patron.

Example personal canned welcome message: "Hi this is Sadie. Welcome to AskAway. How can I help you?"