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Which queues should I choose when I login for my shift? 

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When you login for your AskAway shift, choose the following staffing assignments:


  • Select the askaway queue (this is the general AskAway queue)
  • Select your institutional queue

Auto Logout

By default this is set to Never but you may wish to select an auto-logout on a timer or a clock.

If you choose an auto-logout option, make sure you're not staying logged in too long after your shift and leaving your workstation as this may be confusing to your colleagues. If you choose an auto-logout option, you'll be notified one minute before you're logged out and will have the option to stay logged in.

Set me as

Always set yourself to Available when you're logging on for your shift.


Your staffing assignments will look like this (note: bceln is the institutional queue in this example):

How to choose staffing assignments for your AskAway shift