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What status should I use on my shifts?

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In the top right corner of the staff chat client, you'll see a drop-down list where you can set your status.

Your colleagues will see your status if they hover over the Queue status. Patrons will not see your individual status but the status you select may affect the status of the queues. For example, if everyone sets their status to Busy, this will close the service.

Available: In general, set your status to Available when you're staffing AskAway.

Busy: In general, don't use the Busy status on your shifts. If you set yourself to Busy, you will not see incoming chats and this puts the burden on your colleagues to pick up new calls.

Only set your status to Busy to wrap up any chats at the end of the night. For more information, see the FAQ I want to wrap up a chat at the end of my shift. How can I stay on without picking up new chats?

Away: If you have no active calls, you have the choice to set yourself to Away if you need to step away for a minute or two during your shift. Always let your colleagues in Campfire know that you're stepping away and remember to set yourself back to Available when you return.

No more than one service provider should set themselves to Away on a shift if they need to step away. If everyone on shift sets themselves to Away, this will close the service.

Free for Chat: You have the choice to use this status if you would like to signal to your colleagues that they can leave a call or two for you to pick up. Remember to set yourself back to Available when appropriate.

Extended Away: AskAway is not currently using this status.

Logout: When you've wrapped up all your calls and your shift is over, logout.