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How can I see how many active chats my colleagues are currently handling?

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There are two ways you can see how many active chats your colleagues are handling in LibraryH3lp: the Current Chats status board and the Chat History and Activity tool. It's up to you which tool you prefer to use on your shifts.

1) Current Chats status board

You can access this tool from the AskAway staff homepage (under "Key links for your shift"). You will need to be logged into the website to access the link. Open this tool at the beginning of each shift and use it to manage traffic and balance the workload with your colleagues.

2) Chat History and Activity tool

This tool is available in the LibraryH3lp webclient. Follow these steps to keep an eye on individual chat sessions during your shift:

  1. Navigate to the Chat History tool in the far left navigation menu
  2. Select the "Explore: day by day" radio button
  3. Click the "Today" button to see chat history and activity for the current day
  4. You'll now see a list of all chat activity for the current day
  5. Any calls with no information in the "Duration" field are still active
    • The "Queue" field tells you which institution the patron is from
    • The "Operator" field tells you who is currently handling or handled a call
  6. Pop-out the Chat History and Activity tool into a new browser tab by clicking the pop-out icon in the top left
    • This will allow you to keep an eye on chat activity during your shift in one tab and continue to work with patrons in another
  7. Click the refresh button (far left button with two arrows) to refresh the table periodically


This is an example of what you'll see in the chat history and activity tool during your shift:

How to use the chat history and activity tool in LibraryH3lp