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What steps should I follow if I'm closing the service?

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The general guidelines for closing AskAway are as follows:

  • AskAway closes on the hour (e.g., 9:00pm).

  • For this to happen, all service providers should either set themselves to Busy or Logout on the hour:

    • If you have no active chats, Logout of LibraryH3lp on the hour, or

    • If you have one or more active chats, set yourself to Busy on the hour, so that you can wrap-up those chats and then Logout.

  • If chats are coming in close to the hour, then you may want to send the Begin – Closing Soon script:

    • This might be anywhere from 15 to 1 or 2 minutes before closing, depending on the type of question coming in. Use your judgement to decide if you need to send the Closing Soon script.

  • It’s up to you if you want to stay to wrap-up chats past the hour.

    • The Begin – Closing Soon script can be helpful for communicating to patrons that the service will be closing and that they can return at a later time.

  • Always Logout at the end of your shift.