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What does the patron see when they're chatting on AskAway?

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Students, researchers, instructors, and staff who visit AskAway can access the service from a variety of different entry points. An AskAway entry point might be a widget such as an embedded chat box or a chat tab, or it might be a link to a chat box. AskAway entry points can be added to the library's website, LibGuides, databases, discovery layer, learning management system, and a number of other locations.

> Check out your library's website to see how students and others access AskAway at your library!

When the patron starts chatting, there are a number of different features that are available to them. See below for more information and see also other FAQs tagged patron experience.

What the patron sees when the service is open and they're chatting

What the patron sees when the service is closed

Chat box:

Chat tab: