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How can I report issues that come up during my shift?

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If an issue arises on your shift, report it to the appropriate contact, either:

What to include:

  • In general, when you're reporting an issue, please include as much information as possible such as the time it occurred, a detailed description of what you were doing when it happened, and any screenshots or URLs that would be helpful for troubleshooting.

LibraryH3lp: Logout problems or queues open after closing

If you or another service provider is logged in to LibraryH3lp but is unable to logout at closing time, the service will appear to be open to patrons. If you suspect this is happening, let the Admin Centre know immediately:

  1. Contact the Admin Centre - we can log them out manually
  2. If there isn't a response from the Admin Centre, call Cristen on her cell phone

LibraryH3lp: Technical Issues

If you experience technical problems with LibraryH3lp, please email the Admin Centre. Include as much information as possible (e.g. time, date, institution(s), browser and version, operating system, a description of the technical issue, any screenshots, and what was going on just before it happened).

Guest Logins

If you notice that another institution's Guest Login is not working, check with your colleagues in Campfire to make sure it's a system-wide issue. If it's not working for anyone, please email the Admin Centre. If possible, please include details (e.g. the institution, which resource(s) didn't work, and a description of what happened).

Policy Pages

If you notice a mistake, broken link, or outdated information on your library's Policy Page, please notify your local coordinator.

If you notice it on another library's page, please email the Admin Centre with the name of the institution and the incorrect information.

Procedures and Policies

If you are unsure about a general policy or procedure, please check the Service Guidelines, contact the Admin Centre, or talk to your local coordinator.

Session with an unexpected patron

Please report the following types of sessions to the Admin Centre:

  • Patron in crisis
  • Patron is abusive or threatening
  • Patron returns repeatedly to abuse the service (e.g. prank chat)

To learn more about how to respond to unexpected patrons, please see the unexpected patrons page.

AskAway Website

If you notice a mistake or outdated information on the AskAway website, please let us know!