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Are there any articles on proactive chat if I want to learn more?

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Yes, there are several articles published on proactive chat. The following is a selection of publications that we found helpful:

Blizzard, K. (2018). Proactive chat in a discovery service: What users are asking. Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 23(3-4), 59-66. 

Costello, L. & Kimura, A. (2021). Right-sizing proactive chat reference service using trigger time. The Reference Librarian, 62(3-4), 193-206.

Imler, B.B., Garcia, K.R., & Clements, N. (2016). Are reference pop-up widgets welcome or annoying? A usability study. Reference Services Review, 44(3).

Rich, L. & Lux, V. (2018). Reaching additional users with proactive chat. The Reference Librarian, 59(1).

Warner, A., Hurley, D.A., Wheeler, J., & Quinn, T. (2020). Proactive chat in research databases: Inviting new and different questions. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 46(2).