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What do I need to know about staffing AskAway with proactive chat?

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Update January 2023: Currently, service providers can expect to receive proactive chats from the following institutions: AC, BCIT, COTR, DC, KPU, NIC, OC, SFU, UBC, UNBC, and YKU.

Below, you'll find key information about how to staff your AskAway shifts:

1. Signing on for your shift

  • a) Service providers at institutions with a proactive chat queue:
    • Action: Select your library's proactive queue (e.g. ubc-proactive) in addition to your regular queues

Example: selecting the ubc-proactive queue

Choosing staffing assignments in LibraryH3lp and selecting the ubc-proactive queue

  • b) All other service providers:

    • No action: No change as the new proactive queues are included in the general askaway queue


2. Claiming chats and chatting

You will claim and chat with students coming in via the proactive queues as you normally would.

  • Identifying proactive chats

    • In the top-left of the chat box where the queue is displayed, you'll see the new proactive queue listed (e.g. ubc-proactive)

Example: Active chat in the LibraryH3lp webclient showing the ubc-proactive queue

Example of the LibraryH3lp Webclient showing the ubc-proactive queue

  • Claiming proactive chats

    • The proactive queues are set-up similar to the institutional queues. If your library has a proactive chat queue, you'll see proactive chats from your institution first and they'll rollover to the main queue if they're not picked-up within 40 seconds.