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What does the user see when a proactive chat invitation pops-up?

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When a user is active on a webpage with a proactive chat widget, a proactive chat invitation will pop-up after a set amount of time (e.g. 15 seconds). The user can ignore it, close it, select "Click to chat," or select "No thanks."

Example proactive chat invitation:

Image of a proactive chat invitation that says "Need help? Chat with us now. Click to chat or No thanks."

If they select "No thanks," a cookie is set so they don't see the invitation again during their browser session.

If they select "Click to chat," an AskAway chat box will pop-up in a separate window and they can type in their question and start chatting.

Example chat box when user "Clicks to chat":

Image of an AskAway chat box

Update September 7, 2021: The "Tell Us!" link has been updated to "Feedback" for consistency with AskAway chat boxes.