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Why am I being disconnected from LibraryH3lp?

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If you find yourself being disconnected from LibraryH3lp during your shift, the issues can often be resolved by following the troubleshooting options below:

  • Use Chrome during your shifts
    • If using Safari, switch to Chrome and do not minimize the LibraryH3lp webclient when on shift
    • Safari will disconnect the user if the webclient tab is minimized. Chrome may do the same but only if a lot of tabs are open and the webclient is not on top.
  • Clear your cache
  • If neither of these options work for you, please review LibraryH3lp’s connection troubleshooting FAQ Why did I get disconnected in the webclient for staffing? for further tips.

It is also possible that your network and/or local ISPs are overloaded with increased use from people being at home more. Please check your local network connection if you continue to have issues with disconnecting.

If the issue persists, please contact the Admin Centre.